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The Facebook group by the same name  and this  website were started by US based Pakistani American social activist Manzer Munir in response to the attacks in Mumbai, India and the rising tension once again between India and Pakistan.  The purpose of the group is to promote stories and article that promote understanding between Pakistanis and other Muslims and the western world at large. We attempt to highlight news reports and stories that illustrate the struggles between a peaceful Islam and one where extremists who distort this image with their attacks and killings in the name of God as well as with their twisted and narrow  minded and ultra-conservative version of the religion.

This blog is dedicated to my son Kameron and to all the world’s children as they need to inherit a planet that will be safe for their children and their children’s children. It is also dedicated to all peace loving, non-confrontational people around the world who believe in diplomacy over destruction, love over hate and peace over war.

The idea for the group and foundation originated on Facebook.  There are hundreds of group members on the Group page on Facebook and rapidly growing! You may visit the group on Facebook at link below with your Facebook Login information. Visit and join the group on Facebook at: Pakistanis for Peace

Please remember that you do not have to be a Pakistani, Muslim, Indian or of any particular race, nationality or ethnicity to support the cause for Peace and to support our group. We have members in our group from all over the world and all races and nationalities are represented. These people stand beside their peace desiring Pakistani and American friends in supporting the quest for peace between India and Pakistan and an end to conflict and violence around the world. Our planet CAN NOT afford any future wars between the two Nuclear armed nations. The threat is too big for there to be further inaction. We at Pakistanis for Peace along with our sister organizations in India, America and other peace activist groups are starting the grassroots efforts in our respectful countries and around the world to get the two governments to cooperate in ending terror, finding a lasting solution to Kashmir and thus everlasting peace between the two countries. President Obama’s grassroots campaigning efforts showed the world what can be done with organization, people to people networking and a strong positive message that gains support from the ground level, rising up into a tsunami of change to the status quo. We can be the change we seek in South Asia and together with your help, we will get there. Please pass the word about our efforts and our site to everyone and anyone who may be interested.

This website is also dedicated to other Pakistani and Indian groups and organizations who are working for peace and a community for desi people to come together worldwide and share our many similarities instead of fight over our few differences, mainly religious.

We appreciate your support and your comments on this blog and the Facebook group and Facebook Page and look forward to added content, links, and a lively discussion on this crucial topic as well as the need for peace in South Asia between Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the Middle East, Africa, and indeed around the world.

For Media and Organizational inquiries please contact Manzer via email at Manzer.Munir@pakistanisforpeace.com.   Thank you for visiting our pages and please check back for updated content and unique stories regarding peace in the region and around the world and an end to terror and extremism.

  1. Hey the website rocks. I lock the progress you hve made so far. It’s critical to keep your content fresh on this site and to update everyone on whats going on between the 2 countries. Great site!

    • Shah Haroon
    • February 10th, 2009

    Dear Manzer Munir, this is indeed a very good initiative for Pakistanis to express their point of view at this forum. I would request you to please dedicate space for the Internally Displaced People (IDPs); population who is migrating from the past one year from Bajour, Swat and other FATA areas due to military and taliban’s conflict.
    This could also be moblized through facebook – group to collect case studies, expert’s openion and steps taken by the government, INGOs and other stakeholders to address this issue. As far my knowledge is concern, non of the media nor any government agency is handling this issue according to its severity. till now no one has reached the root cause of this issue that why it appears after each ten years and distroys infrastructure, kills people and then vanish.

    I have searched many websites to find any updated information regarding total number of people who have migrated to down districts but failed because all organizations are only keeping their record and broad sharing is not effective as it is limited to some organizations.

    I would look forward for you comments on it.

    • number1fan
    • November 13th, 2009

    I finally wanted to take the chance to let you know that I have been following your articles for the past year and am your number one fan! In this world full of evil and hate, its refreshing to read your prespective as you state the facts, tap into history and add a peaceful thought.
    Thanks for all your posts and please continue your dedication to this group and to all its members as you approach your first anniversary.

    • syed babar jan
    • December 18th, 2009

    hello munir im im babar jan from beaconhouse islamad ,im the deputy head of cummunity society and doin my alevelz r8 nw, its my wish to do some pratical work for my country ,, at the moment i have alot support from my school and cn do alot as we hav alread started wid cummunity services by arrangin few events for different organisations in pakistan mostly for disabled people bt want to do even more!!,, so kn u pplz kindly tel me any sort of work i can do fr my country !

    • Thanks so much for your remarks and for visiting this site. I would recommend that if you want to do anything for Pakistan, 1) continue to educate the children, 2)continue to speak out against Islamic extremism and the Talibanization of Pakistan, and 3) Lastly, by joining Pakistanis for Peace on Facebook at this link http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?ref=sb#/group.php?gid=37793413510 a nd once joined, go to group page, and invite all your friends to join also! These three things will go a long ways in serving your country and your people.

  2. Nice to see your blog. Let me know if I can be of any help. Besides being attached a national English daily of Pakistan as a senior sub-editor, I am also publishing a monthly magazine ‘Security Today’ so whenever you want any security related article in the magazine send it to me.

    • Rahman
    • July 30th, 2010

    it is vital for the survival of the federation (which indeed pakistan is or was supposed to be ) to recognize the historical identity and rights of the nations that live within pakistani state boundaries and without whose subscription to pakistan project (think 1940 lahore resolution) pakistan could never have emerged

    your blog is making a mistake ; assuming that pakistan is homogenous and pakistanis are one nation

    they are not; pakistan is a multinational state; unless rights and privileges of the minority nations :balochistan and sindh in particular are not recognized pakistan will not survive as a state

    • I do not discount the fact that Pakistan is a multinational state with many different ethnic groups and peoples. I also agree with you that unless and until the other minorities of Pakistan, be they Christians, Ahmadis, Baluchi, Sindhi, or any other group, do not get equal rights and privileges, then the nation will not only not prosper, but would in fact be in danger of disintegration from internal and external conflicts. Thanks Rahman for your comments and for visiting our site. Please join us on Facebook also to show your support fort the cause of peace~

  3. As a Pakistani, I really appreciate the efforts of Mr. Manzer Munir that he is showing the right image of out country. Best of luck.

    SEO Rider

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