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Say Hello! to Pakistan’s Glamour Side

As Reported by The Associated Press

Pakistan is better known for bombs than bombshells, militant compounds than opulent estates. A few enterprising Pakistanis hope to alter that perception with the launch of a local version of the well-known celebrity magazine Hello!.

They plan to profile Pakistan’s rich and famous: the dashing cricket players, voluptuous Bollywood stars and powerful politicians who dominate conversation in the country’s ritziest private clubs and lowliest tea stalls. They also hope to discover musicians, fashion designers and other new talents who have yet to become household names.

“The side of Pakistan that is projected time and time again is negative,” said Zahraa Saifullah, CEO of Hello! Pakistan. “There is a glamorous side of Pakistan, and we want to tap into that.”

But celebrating the lives of Pakistan’s most prosperous citizens is not without its critics in a country where much of the population lives in poverty. Advertising one’s prosperity could be risky as well since kidnappings for ransom are on the rise and attracting attention from Islamist militants can mean death.

Wajahat Khan, a consulting editor at Hello! Pakistan, said they were cognizant of the sensitivity of publishing a glamour magazine in a conservative Muslim country where many people are struggling and planned to be “socially responsible and culturally aware.”

“We are trying to be happy in a war zone,” Khan said Saturday at a news conference with Saifullah and other members of the magazine’s editorial staff. “We are trying to celebrate what is still alive in a difficult country.”

Khan said they would do everything they could to protect the security of the people they profile, but he wasn’t overly concerned.

“I don’t think terrorist networks are going to be reading Hello! anytime soon,” he said.

Pakistan already has a series of local publications that chronicle the lives of the wellheeled in major cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, especially as they hop between lavish parties. But the producers of Hello! Pakistan hope the magazine’s international brand and greater depth will attract followers.

Hello! was launched in 1988 by the publisher of Spain’s Hola! magazine and is now published in 150 countries. It’s well-known for its extensive coverage of Britain’s royal family and once paid $14 million in a joint deal with People magazine for exclusive pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s newborn twins.

The market for English-language publications in Pakistan is fairly small. Most monthly and weekly magazines sell no more than 3,000 copies, said Khan, the consulting editor. But they hope to tap into the large Pakistani expatriate markets in the United Kingdom and the Middle East as well.

Hello! Pakistan will be published once a month and will cost about $5.50, twice as much as what many poor Pakistanis earn in a day. The first issue will be published in mid-April and will focus on the Pakistani fashion scene.

Saifullah, who grew up watching her mother and grandmother read Hello! as she hopped between London and Karachi, said it took her two years to convince the magazine to publish a local version in Pakistan.

“They were concerned about whether Pakistan was ready for a magazine like this,” she said.

But Saifullah thinks the timing is perfect to showcase Pakistan’s too often hidden treasures, citing Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, who recently became the first Pakistani filmmaker to win an Oscar for a documentary about the plight of female victims of acid attacks in the country.

“We want to tap into the aesthetically beautiful, the athletic, the fashionable,” said Saifullah. “There is so much going on on a daily basis that nobody ever covers. It’s totally unexplored.”

Pakistanis for Peace Editor’s Note– Pakistan is much more than bombings, extremism, and terror. The launch of this magazine in Pakistan not only helps illustrate to the outside world of a modern 21st century Pakistan but also stands as a bulwark to the Talibanization of Pakistan by the extremists.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt give $1 Million to Pakistan’s Refugees


Islamabad, Pakistan- Hollywood’s most powerful couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt today donated $1 million to the refugees fleeing the fighting in Swat valley in Pakistan. Jolie, a UN goodwill ambassador was in Washington DC Thursday to celebrate World Refugee Day which is on Saturday June 20.

She spoke of her visits to Pakistani refugee camps having visited Pakistan as a goodwill ambassador on three separate occasions. Brad and Angelina donated the $1 million to the U.N. refugee agency providing aid to displaced people in Pakistan fleeing the fighting in Swat between the government and the Taliban.

In 2001, Pakistan was already host to the largest refugee population in the world due to almost 5 million refugees from Afghanistan that had escaped the invasion of their country by the Soviet Union in late 1979. Now it has an additional 2.3 million refugees from its own population of Pakistani citizens escaping the recent fighting between the Pakistan army and the Taliban militants in the Swat valley.

The United States recently pledged to give $110 million to the Pakistani refugee crisis but additional money and lots of it is needed for the millions of refugees in Pakistan and more needs to be done by other countries especially European nations and rich Gulf Arab countries according to the UN.

Although this donation by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is a drop in the bucket, it is a great humanitarian gesture by Hollywood’s most glamorous and popular couple to bring worldwide scrutiny to the plight of the refugees in Pakistan.

We at Pakistanis for Peace commend their effort in bringing more attention to the refugee crisis in Pakistan and hope that this will spur more donations to help millions of people and hundreds of thousands of displaced families survive until God willing the Taliban are eradicated from the Swat valley and eventually from all of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Ameen.

For Donations please visit:

And also from any mobile phone:  Text “Swat” to 20222 to provide a $5 donation to the UN refugee agency in Pakistan

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