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From the Heart- My Thoughts on the Death of Steve Jobs

By Dan Ahmed for Pakistanis for Peace

I am quite saddened to hear about the death Wednesday evening of the co-founder of Apple, Mr Steve Jobs. He forever changed the world we are living in and he will never die because we are living examples of his dreams coming true and how he envisioned technology and products enhancing our human existence.

I remember when I first got my iPod in 2001 and early on I must admit that I did not know what it was all capable of, but I remember thinking that I would fall in love with this company’s products.  That is just what happened the day I got my hands on the Apple iPod and since then I have not looked back!

I was buying anti-shock CD players and as well as eventually the Sony Mini discs for my music. Sometimes I would have to carry 3 to 4 discs on my way to work but Apple’s large internal memory based products jumped in as a life changer and I have became a fan of it ever since.

Some years later I recall that I paid $600 for a Motorola Razr in 2004 and never changed it even after I heard about various other new phones coming in out including when I heard rumors about Apple’s new product the “iPhone”. It was getting launched soon and I waited patiently for it because deep in my heart I knew it was going to be worth it.

It was on June 29, 2007 that the first iPhone came out and I was one of the first ones in the line that day to get my hands on the one of the first 60 devices that day. It was a life changing moment for me and so every year since then I tried to get my hands on every one of Apple’s newest products as I have always since that day felt that they exceed my expectations.

Then on June 21, 2010 I got picked up as one of the 5,000 developers around the globe by the company. For me, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I may have been capable of creativity on my own but it just wouldn’t have been possible without his vision and ingenuity.

Steve Jobs really changed the way that we think and operate on a daily basis. He brought us the concept of the mouse for computers as well as he introduced us to the touch screen system.

He was simply one of the most influential people of the 21st century and he brought a revolution to this world with his friendly and easy to use devices.

I don’t think that there is anyone in the world presently that doesn’t appreciate his company’s products all around the globe. One man truly is enough to change the whole world if he has a genuine love for what he does and this is a very clear message that our determination and dedication for peace like Steve’s love and dedication in his craft can bring the world together.

May he rest in peace and my best regards for the after life for a genius and how he taught us to live our dreams and made it possible for all of us to dream big.

Dan Ahmed, is a group member of Pakistanis for Peace and currently resides in New York with his wife, Nalini and young son.

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