Coca-Cola Tries to Bring India, Pakistan Together via its New Vending Machines

As Reported by The Economic Times

An upscale mall in South Delhi has a Coca-Cola vending machine that not only dispenses Coke, Thums Up and other beverages of the firm but will very soon connect India and Pakistan.Once a similar machine is installed in Karachi or another Pakistan city, users of the two vending machines can see and virtually touch each other, a person in the know said.

The beverages major has quietly launched an online campaign that seeks to connect people in not-so-friendly countries through vending machines, starting with India and Pakistan this year.

“This year, two countries will show that what unites us is stronger than what sets us apart and come together to share a Coca-Cola,” says the commercial launched on YouTube.

A company spokesperson said it was too early to comment on specific plans, on how the beverage maker plans to scale up the concept.

This world peace initiative is part of the firm’s happiness project. “A moment of happiness has the power to bring the world together,” it says.

In another initiative, Coca-Cola recently set up a ‘hug machine’ in Singapore-a vending machine with red and white message announcing the consumer to ‘hug’ it, after which the consumer would be given a free Coke. The ‘hug machine’ generated 112 million impressions within one day. In Istanbul, it had installed a vending machine that gave away free Coke if people could prove they were indeed a couple.

Coca-Cola is spending heavily on social media globally, though the spends are still small compared to what it spends on traditional mass media.

“Brands can’t work remotely anymore so it is important to listen and engage to consumers,” Wendy Clark, senior VP, integrated marketing communications and capabilities, at Coca-Cola had told ET last month.

“We make consumers part of our marketing channel, sharing content and engaging with them all the time,” Clark had said, adding that the company was looking at investing in innovative ways to connect on social media.

    • Vikas Medhekar
    • March 24th, 2013

    Read this- The Army today handed over two innocent Pakistani boys, who had crossed the Line of Control (LoC) into India. Indian Army safely returned them to the Pakistan army. Rehmatullah (15), Inayatullah (12) of Kotli area of POK had crossed over to the Indian side of the LoC in Nowshera sector on Friday. I’m proud of Indian Army. They saved two innocent lifes, I’m so happy.

    • This is great news Vikas and thank for reporting this to us. Too often, many innocent people from this arbitrary border between two brothers stray across without knowing. Fisherman, farmers, people wandering across all have been stuck in this limbo. I hope there are more exchanges of innocent people who are clearly not militants or spies.

        • Vikas Medhekar
        • March 29th, 2013

        You’re welcome brother

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