Free Rimsha Masih Now and End The Blasphemy Law Witch Hunts in Pakistan

The latest victim of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, is an 11 year old girl suffering from Downs Syndrome. Rimshah Masih screamed pitifully as she was brutally snatched from her mother by an angry mob intent on killing her. Burnt religious texts had been mischievously planted in a bag she was carrying. We call on the Pakistani Government to take action to stop the ongoing discrimination, persecution and hatred towards minorities living there. We call on the Britisha Government the EU and the Un to intervene on behalf of this poor child and to bring about her freedom.

To bring an end to hatred towards minority faiths in conservative Pakistan and to defend otherwise helpless victims like Rimsha please sign the petition below:

This petition will be sent to the Pakistan Government at the highest levels.

“Whilst the Burmese’s treatment of the Rohingya is indeed appalling and deserves condemnation, our minorities are living in their very own Burma right here in Pakistan.

“As the rest of the country goes about its way, having just celebrated another joyous Eid, spare a thought for a little girl with special needs, languishing in a juvenile jail.

“She is probably all alone, and scared. With her condition, she very well might not even know the reason she is in there.

“But ask her neighbours, some who are frothing at the teeth to have a go at her, and they will tell you that she deserves to die.

“Rimsha Masih, an 11-year-old Pakistani girl of the Christian faith, who reportedly suffers from Down Syndrome, was arrested on allegations that she had desecrated the Holy Quran.

“The girl and her mother were severely beaten by an enraged mob that had converged outside their house, while the rest of her family managed to flee. If the police had not intervened, there is no telling what else could have happened….”

Please sign the petition and help free Rimsha and Aasia Bibi and put an end to Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws.

    • Humaira
    • August 25th, 2012

    That’s total condemnation….11 year child with an accuse of Blasphemy….even she is not down syndrome how can be considered accused…when it cannot be expected from her knowledge about Islam, and intention to defame the Islam religion;(….This Blasphemy Witch Hunt Law needs to amend,as it is defaming the peaceful reflection of our religion.we must address this issue as adverse effect of stereotyped,fanatic thinking ‘ll spread immense hatred toward Muslims…..

    • gullrose
    • August 29th, 2012

    We should condemn this act. such acts are against Islamic rules and regulations. This Blasphemy Which Hunt Law needs to be amended as soon as possible. Secondly, there should be some solid reasons for accusing someone and it is clearly obvious that rimsha was not a culprit. She was innocent.

    • Me
    • August 29th, 2012

    feel sorry for the girl she should be freed considering her mental status …. but something pinched me badly that there are as many as people protesting in regards of this issue in which only one young girl is involved ; what about those thousands of Muslims who suffered so many days with brutal killings in Burma and whole Islamic World remain silenced for so many days .. there were men, women, children, old people who suffered the torture to its core but still not any major step has taken against the Burma Govt. Why the powerful authorities of world get alarmed at once on the arrest of Aasia bibi or Rimasha Masih but prefer to sleep while as many as Muslims suffer in Palestine , Kashmir and Burma ???? Why

    • Me
    • August 29th, 2012

    People need to understand Islam is a religion of peace not of terrorism and it not a stereotype religion it is the most beautiful relegion of world … and yes by this act the hatred against the Muslims will built up in local minorities

  1. “Defending Asia Bibi: The Hanafi Madhab, Blasphemy, and Legal Reform in Pakistan”

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