Valentine’s Day in Islam?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Co-Director, Association of British Muslims

I was asked to share my views on Valentine’s Day. Personally, I really don’t see what’s the problem that some people seem to have with this celebration. The fact that it’s a Western, originally Christian festival is in all honesty, completely besides the point. We should celebrate Love everyday!

Many cultures have something similar, a day to celebrate love, to send a message of love to your beloved – a person whom you would like to marry or is already your husband or wife. Seriously, what’s wrong with that? What could possibly be wrong with that?
The only argument I’ve heard against Valentine’s Day, is the same one I hear about every other festival besides the two Eids – it’s not part of Islam. Well, sorry, if that’s the best these people can come up with, it’s a pathetic argument – cars and aeroplanes aren’t technically part of Islam either, but we still use them!

More to the point, a Muslim can celebrate any festival, even the social aspect of those of other religions, as long as this doesn’t mean they end up committing shirk – i.e. worshipping another deity besides God or associating partners with God – and this is the position of the mainstream scholars of Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

Indeed, for the vast majority of people who celebrate it, Valentine’s Day isn’t even that religious, rather it’s just a wonderful opportunity to show loved ones how much you appreciate them – which is something every Muslim should do anyway, even if they do not celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Pakistanis for Peace Editor’s Note– Finally, a Muslim perspective on Valentine’s Day that we can agree with! As compared to many other articles that decry Valentine’s Day as a pagan holiday and it is shirk to celebrate it, Paul has succinctly yet effectively given a great differing Muslim angle on this day as compared to the Orthodox Muslim view.

    • Saud Mohammad Aslam
    • February 15th, 2012

    So this guy Paul Salahuddin Armstrong can allow anyone to send cards, chocolates or reoses to his daughter or sister cause they are just normal gifts and its just Valentime’s Day and yes obviously if she will accept those gifts she might will go out with that guy and thats also normal cause they are just celebrating the Valentines Day there is nothing bad about that. They might will go to a bar or disco and its also ok cause as we are driving cars and we are flying aeroplanes now and for sure these discos are also a new thing. At the end of the day the guy would want the girl to stay with her for the night and as per our friend Paul Salahuddin Armstrong its ok cause its just the Valentine’s Day. Yeah why not BRAVO.

    • Yes, it is perfectly ok to love someone. And also, Paul’s daughter, like yours, will have sex one day, try as you might to prevent it. So, stop trying to legislate morality. Let free will decide what happens, not laws, or social pressures, or religious bullying.

        • Saud Mohammad Aslam
        • February 15th, 2012

        Yeah my daughter will one day for sure. But i am also sure that she will be married to the guy she will have sex with. I believe in one thing if you cannot follow the basic rules of our Religion than you do not have a right to call your selves Muslims. Stop spreading such bullshit.

        • There you go again. No different than the other ‘pious’ self righteous Muslims telling others whether they are Muslim or not. Last I checked, God didn’t appoint you an internship in heaven to be a hall monitor. Check your own skeletons in your own family closet that all families have before you pass judgement on others, BROTHER. As for your daughter, I hope she is a good daughter and listens to her parents and leads a good life like you and your wife have envisioned for her. But do not be surprised if when she grows up and likes a boy in college or within the family like a distant cousin, or neighbor’s son or whatever and wants to marry him…and with or without your knowledge she will find ways to meet him and have a realtionship. If that happens, let’s hope that she has remembered her dad and decided to not get sexual at the least, for your sake. Other than that prayer for you, I can say, thanks for visiting this site for peace. We always appreciate everyone’s comments no matter how terse at times. May you have peace be with you Aslam.

          • Saud
          • February 16th, 2012

          I do not want to argue on this and want to close mine with this hadith
          the Prophet said: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.” [Abu Daawood]
          And I never called anyone a Non Muslim you should read my words carefully before replying.

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