Pakistan murder testimony doctor Baqir Shah shot dead

As Reported By The BBC


A doctor who testified that Pakistani security forces had killed a group of unarmed foreigners has himself been shot dead.

Dr Baqir Shah was gunned down in the city of Quetta.

He had contradicted police reports earlier this year which suggested the five victims had been suicide bombers.

Dr Shah was in his car when gunmen pulled up alongside him and sprayed the vehicle with bullets.

He died soon afterwards in hospital.
It was Dr Shah who, back in May, carried out the autopsies in a controversial case.

Two men and three women of Russian and Tajik origin died at a checkpoint just outside Quetta, in the province of Balochistan.

One of the women had been heavily pregnant, but police insisted they had all been militants and that they had been carrying explosives.

Police said that they died as they detonated a bomb.

They said at the time of the attack they had hand grenades and bombs strapped to their bodies.

The BBC’s Aleem Maqbool in Islamabad says that Dr Shah’s autopsy corroborated what many witnesses said – that they had in fact died after being shot many times at a distance by the security forces. Witnesses also said they had been unarmed.

Hours after he filed his testimony, Dr Shah was dragged out of a restaurant and beaten by a group of unidentified men. He later complained that while he was supposed to receive protection, he never got it.

  1. This is nothing new and it is not in Pakistan but in all nations wherever there is Islamic laws or Muslims in majority. Please forgive me for stating it but it has been proved over the period. Lately as I started acidentally studying these issues affecting the humanity, I am appalled to observe these inhuman acts. It is worst if you peruse such acts orchestrated in Kashmir by these Pakistani trained militant and then a denial if not blaming them on Indian security forces is a regular phenomenona. There are transcripts recorded from PoK. The current turmoil in Islamic countries is another stark example.

    Same is the story in other parts of India. You may have heard of several recent incidences from both Pakistan and India where these elements are equally active. I am sorry but this kind of intolerance by anyone ultimately fires back on them.

    Time is coming very close as long as my these freinds do not change their behavior. Indian state will never match them, I also declare it but this world today is not made up of India and Pakistan only. There is a lot added into it.

    Pakistan’s ideology of establishment from the beginning has been based on a hate of Hindus ideology and that same mentality has led them to the present disaster and their same mentality of aggression has emboldened them to a point that will send them to doom’s day.

    I am sorry again but we must openly discuss issues facing ourselves. It is a pity but the sin first blinds its captive so that s/he may not see righteousness. God bless

  1. December 29th, 2011
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