In the Name of ‘Honour’: Brazen Shikarpur Killings Shake Hindu Community

By Sarfaraz Memon for The Express Tribune

Most shops in Taluka Chak in Shikarpur were open on Wednesday but there was an uneasy calm. Three Hindu men are dead and no one knows the whereabouts of Seema Bhayo, the girl at the centre of the storm. Residents fear that she may also have been killed. The police have no clue.

It is a simple tale of a love affair that turned tragic. The president has ordered an inquiry into the matter. Not to be outdone, the Sindh home minister has suspended the SHO of the area but neither of these moves brought any comfort to the families who lost their loved ones.

The brutal attack took place on Monday, the first day of Eid, when four armed men on two motorcycles barged into the house of one Naresh Kumar, where he and his friends Dr Ajeet Kumar, Dr Satya Pal and Ashok Kumar were present. The intruders opened fire and killed Ashok and Naresh on the spot, injuring  Dr Ajeet Kumar and Dr Satya Pal.

Dr Ajeet Kumar later died of his wounds at a Sukkur Hospital, more so because no one was willing to take him to the hospital. The policemen who were supposed to guard the house were nowhere to be seen. They did not turn up that day, despite the fact that they had been stationed on fear that such an attack was imminent.

The “crime” that these four men apparently committed was that they intervened on behalf of two young men of their community who had been apprehended two weeks earlier and charged with criminally assaulting a Muslim girl. The real story, as told by area residents, was that Seema and Sandeep Kumar fell in love and were caught while they were meeting at the house of Sandeep’s friend, Nakash Kumar.

This correspondent also visited Qazi mohalla where Seema’s home is situated on the right side of the road and the shops of Sandeep and Nakash were on the left side. A neighbour said that Seema and Sandeep used to meet at Nakash’s house. On that fateful day, area residents saw them going in and raided the house and thus the affair was revealed.

It was the promise of a better life which attracted Seema towards Sandeep, said another resident, adding that Seema’s father Nazir Ahmed Bhayo was a mason by profession. When the couple was caught, the Hindu community intervened to settle the matter. President of the Hindu Panchayat in Chak, Prem Kumar, said “We went to the Bhayo elders and told them that we are ready to pay any fine to reconcile the matter.”

Area resident Moulvi Allah Bux confirmed that the Hindu community were trying to reconcile with the Bhayo clansmen and for this they had met Sardar Babul Bhayo, who gave them a positive response and told them that the date of the reconciliatory meeting would be announced on the second day of Eid. But before the meeting could be held, the murders were committed.

While Babul Khan Bhayo was not available, clan chieftan Sardar Wahid Bux Bhayo  said that it was the Hindu community which had resorted to aggression by sexually assaulting a Bhayo girl. According to him, the three Hindus were killed in retaliation for that incident. But he added that he condemned both incidents.

On Tuesday, hundreds participated in the last rites of the three men. The rituals were performed near the Sadhu Bela temple in Sukkur.

Following the notice by the president, the Chak police has swung into action. During raids in different localities, they have apprehended more than 25 people. DIG Larkana Sain Rakhiyo Mirani said that the murder was an act of terrorism. But the Hindu community maintains that the real perpetrators of the crime have so far not been arrested.

  1. Not worth a comment but to take a note of. These are Pakistanis for Peace. God bless.

    • Just horrible what happened here. Thanks for visiting our site and for your interesting comments and viewpoints Dr Sudrania. Why havent you liked our page on Facebook yet? It would be a more intimate way to connect with peace minded desi’s from across the border. We have many Indian friends already on the group as well as those that like the FB page. Look forward to your continued patronage and commentary!

      • You should kindly appreciate that there is a big difference between this site and Facebook. This is a private domain. The vast number of commenters on public domain are idle gosipers. Not worth indulging in with. Here is a limited community with a more elitist society. I feel that they are better sensible. Secondly there is a question of time also. Anyway thank you for your kind appreciation. God bless

        • Understood completely and agree. Regards, MM

        • Manzer, I respect your sincerity and that is the reason I comment. We must recognise that truth is something that cannot be denied because it will declare itself. Facebook has a wild crowd equating virtually with rowdism. I say it with no malice. I am sure you would not like to create another hate site to vent the pent up anger.

          Some of the events that are building up in the world are highly disturbing. I have repeatedly commented on NY Times that WW III has become both overdue as well as inevitable. Think a little deeper on my statement and you will realise the gravity and grievousness of my intent. Where are we heading to.

          Today in the morning I read a news in a Hindi Daily mentioning that Saudi Arabia is thinking of banning the women in public without niqab who has an intoxicating eye. I am not sure of its veracity but it doesn’t sound to be false either knowing the Islamic credentials of that country.

          Then today I read another news in my inbox where a gentleman called Saeed Abdul Salam blew himself up in Karachi having both US and Pakistani passports. I provide the link here for you to peruse further.

          However bitter the truth may be, we can’t ignore but ultimately swallow it. With my best wishes to your sincere attempts: God bless

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