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India and Pakistan Officials Discuss Bilateral Water Treaty

As reported by Daily India

India and Pakistan officials attended a high-level meeting of the Indus Water Treaty Commission in Jammu to discuss a proposal by India to erect a dam on the river Indus.

A three-member delegation from Pakistan led by Sheraj Jameel, Commissioner, Indus Water Treaty, visited the Nikki Tawi area to examine the site and the design of the proposed artificial lake. The lake is being constructed at a cost of rupees 1.1 billion.

“We are here to inspect the project. We will see whether it is within the limitation of the treaty or not and after the visit we will talk to our counterpart,” said Jameel.
The Indian counterpart S.Ranganathan, Commissioner, Indus Water Treaty, said that the lake project is still in conception.

“In our opinion it does not violate the treaty. When we will get the information from the project authorities, we will analyse it and if it doesn’t violate the provisions, then we will give the go ahead for the project” said Ranganathan.

The team of delegates would be in the region for three days to examine all the records and plans vis-à-vis water distribution for the lake project.

The World Bank had brokered the Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan and was signed by the then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the then Pakistan President Mohammad Ayub Khan in Karachi in 1960 giving powers to the latter for monitoring the usage of three rivers-Indus, Jehlum and Chenab from Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan.

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