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‘Pak Must Acknowledge Terrorism is “Home Grown”, Not Indian, Jewish or US conspiracy’

As Reported by ANI

The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) attack on Karachi’s Crime Investigation Department compound should serve as an ultimate wake up call for Pakistan to swiftly act against home grown terrorism rather than blaming some Indian or US conspiracy for terror strikes on its soil.

“The assault on the CID centre must be seen for truly what it tells us in plain words: that home grown terrorism is no Indian, Jewish or American conspiracy against Pakistan or Islam,” Pakistan’s leading newspaper Dawn said.

“It also tells us that there are many misguided Pakistanis in our midst, who may even have sympathy for these zealots targeting largely Muslims that would not endorse their narrow minded view of the faith under whose banner they kill and maim innocent citizens,” it noted.

“How else does one explain the transportation of a van full of explosives along with a firing squad armed with latest weapons that came to attack the CID building during the evening rush hour no less?” the paper questioned.

It is high time that Pakistan woke up to the increasing threat posed by terror organisations and took stringent steps to tackle it.

“Much of Islam as we know it in this country today, isn’t exactly in very safe hands; it’s time we woke up to the threat and did something about it instead of issuing token mere condemnations that follow such ghastly acts of sheer murder and mayhem, from Islamabad to the provincial capitals and the other Pakistani capital of sorts, in exile, the faraway London,” the paper said.

It argued over a possibility that Thursday’s bombing took place “because no concrete action was taken after last month’s bombing at the Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine; nor indeed the ghastly attacks before that on two Muharram processions in December and February.”

Ruing the state of Pakistan’s preparedness in combating terrorism, it expressed the hope that the latest bombing incident- at CID building in Karachi- “given its precision and intensity as well as the target hit, should serve as a final wake up call to law enforcement agencies and the authorities concerned in Karachi.”

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