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I’m Still Here

By Kyle W Butler

I’m still here, waiting for your notice.
I never left you, you have to know this.

I’ve seen you tell my story over and over again;
my legacy that I have left for you to spread.
I’ve heard the lines over and over again;
they’re forever pressed into the depths of my head.

I have seen you laugh and I have felt your tears;
your hopes, your dreams, even your rage, and your fears.

Still, you know what you have to do;
keep my memory and legacy living.
Someone out there still needs you;
love, strength, and support to them you will be giving.

Do not worry about me, for I am doing great up here.
Though it’s hard to fathom my mortality being lost,
you can always be assured, Son, I’m still here.

Pakistanis for Peace Editor’s NoteThis poem is in honor of Karla Alpert-Munir, the mother of my 10 year old son. She passed away after a very long illness and courageous fight from breast cancer earlier today. May her spirit always guide and look down on him from heaven and may God bless her soul.  Ameen. She was a great mother and a good human being who left this world too soon. Deep down, I know she is still here and always will be with her beloved boy.Manzer Munir

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