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India, Pakistan Peaceniks Hold Candlelight Vigil on Wagah Border

By Sawinder Singh for ANI

Several intellectuals and peace activists from India and Pakistan held a candlelight vigil at Wagah border crossing in on the eve of Independence Day.

The objective of this annual event is to spread the message of peace and brotherhood on the occasion of the Independence Day celebrations of the two neighbouring countries-India and Pakistan.

The midnight vigil on August 14-15 was held on the 63rd Independence Day celebrations of both the countries.

Bollywood Film Producer-Director Mahesh Bhatt, veteran Indian journalist-writer Kuldeep Nayar, Aitzaz Ahsan, former Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association President and many social activists participated in the midnight vigil.

The participants carrying candlelights and torches marched to the Wagah Border raising slogans of Long Live India-Pakistan Friendship.

“Borders should be open and it should be soft and let people meet from both the countries. Because when people of both the countries will meet then governments will come under pressure and the situation will improve,” said Kuldeep Nayyar.

“Both countries can prosper only if there is a good relationship between them, we have to remove the poverty. Both countries are stricken with acute poverty, unemployment and hunger. Both the countries need to reduce their expenditure on weapons and then only we can reduce poverty and for that it is necessary to have peace, friendship and brotherhood,” added Aitzaz Ahsan, former Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association President.

On this occasion, a music concert was also held.

India and Pakistan achieved independence from Britain on the midnight of August 14, 1947. While Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on August 14, India marks its Independence Day on August 15.

This year Pakistan did not celebrate its independence day as a tribut to victims of recent floods in the country.

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