The Facebook Creed? Racism’s Bad, Bashing Religion Is Good

By Tommy De Seno for

Recently, in a column for the Fox Forum called “Muhammad Cartoons vs. Piss Christ” I compared the insult Muslims feel when they see a drawing of Muhammad to the hurt Christians felt when an artist photographed a crucifix in a jar of urine, called it “Piss Christ” and received a tax-funded monetary award from the National Endowment of the Arts.

The point I tried to make is that just because the First Amendment allows you to say something doesn’t mean you should say it. Freedom comes with responsibility, which includes tactfulness when discussing the revered symbols of another’s religion.

Sure you are free to hurl insults – but remember the purpose of criticism is persuasion, and no one has ever been persuaded by first being insulted. Criticism can be made of Islam and Christianity without denigrating either’s most sacred symbols.

As Americans we should fight like hell for the right to draw a picture of Muhammad, but then choose not to.

This issue is hot today because some folks short on good criticism and long on juvenile insult declared May 20 “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.” I wonder why they didn’t include “Everyone Piss On a Crucifix Day,” too? That they didn’t do just that, suggests that this is not a pro-First Amendment movement, but a purely an anti-Muslim movement.

So here’s my question: Why does Facebook allow a page whose purpose is to spread hate for a religion? After all, Facebook used to ban activity for no other reason than the author was home-schooled (and that’s some weird priorities right there).

A Facebook spokesperson defended the company’s decision to not ban the “Draw Muhammad” page to earlier this week:

“Groups that express an opinion on a state, institution, or set of beliefs — even if that opinion is outrageous or offensive to some — do not by themselves violate our policies.”  

But compare that to this quote from an interview with a Facebook spokesman last year with Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. Things were different when the topic was not anti-religion pages, but about pages that include racism:

“However, there is no place for content that is threatening, abusive, hateful, or racially or ethnically objectionable on the site and Facebook will remove any such content that violates our Terms of Use when it is reported… We have already removed a number of groups that violated these terms and we are continuing to be vigilant, immediately removing further postings when we become aware of them.”  

I see the Facebook matrix: “Racism is bad, but bashing religion is good.”

Facebook also said this to about the “Draw Muhammad” page:

“When a group created to express an opinion devolves into threats or hate speech, we will remove the threatening or hateful comments and may even remove the group itself.” 

Hey Facebook – have you seen the two pages today? They are both a cesspool of hateful anti-religious commentary, devoid of useful criticism and swimming with the worst of distance-induced Internet hatred and nastiness.

If these pages don’t violate Facebook’s rules against hate speech, you can’t violate them.

Both pages have been taken over by anti-religious zealots whose purpose is to stir up anger for the sake of eliciting an even angrier response – all heat and no light. The folks posting the hate have the advantage of hiding whatever it is they hold sacred, so that no one can employ their own tactics against them. Cowards.

Both pages are filled with drawings, manipulated photos and commentary showing all religious leaders in acts of bestiality, pedophilia and outrages claims to calamities in history that religion couldn’t possibly be held accountable for.

Even if you’ve read hateful speech, you’ve still probably never read such blind, ignorant rage as is existent on these pages. Both pages should be taken down immediately, but they won’t be.

Facebook has obliterated civilized discourse.

  1. On “Racism is bad, but bashing religion is good”
    Race is something comes with gene and its physical thing.. nothing can be achieved by discriminating on this basis.
    religion however, is opinion and belief. by bashing it you can open few eyes, and reduce intensity of extremism in long run

    • hellooutthere
    • July 30th, 2010

    ““Racism is bad, but bashing religion is good”

    you choose your religious ideas. so the whole idea of religion as something that people can unjustly criticize you for is bs.

    “This issue is hot today because some folks short on good criticism and long on juvenile insult declared May 20 “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.” I wonder why they didn’t include “Everyone Piss On a Crucifix Day,” too”

    you make it sound like a bunch of people got together and just decided to bash islam when the truth is they were fighting back against violent threats from a muslim web site against our first amendment rights…their logic being they can’t kill all of us. maybe if muslims would adopt the same attitude against these barbarians they could be eradicated but instead you either apologist for them, support them or cower in your homes. or, as we see in your case, distort the truth for their benefit

    oh and fyi every time you righteous muslims call jesus a prophet you are offending christains…so following your logic no one should ever draw a picture of muhammad, no one should ever eat beef (least you offend hindus) and everyone must declare jesus as the son of god
    bunch of people got together and just decided to bash islam when the truth is they were fighting back against violent threats from a muslim community web site against our first amendment rights…their logic being they can’t kill all of us, maybe

      • hellooutthere
      • July 30th, 2010

      you really should have an edit button here

    • Daniel Abraham Roberts
    • September 19th, 2012

    I agree with you only to a point , but I’m going to start from telling ” my view ” of this topic from the eyes of an American Jew . I have been raised by two Parents my dad who leans further to the left and my mom who is all the way a liberal democrat . I myself am a republican unless of course I know the individual personally . I served in the United States Navy . My parents have instilled vaules in my sisters and myself . ( and yes I alone was a handfull .) We were raised to remember the tthat god made all of us and to not treat each other differently because of religion or race . This is just a little backround on me ,but let me get to the point .
    I find it disturbing when its ok to draw a swastika on a synagoge or burn a cross in front of a black church , I find this to be vile disgusting , but i also find vile and disgusting is that every time i look on the news I hear a muslum say they are of a religion of peace and in the same half hour you will see them burning a flag of Israel or a flag of the United States or beheading an American or the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen or car bombing a group of Jewish children at a day care center in Israel or killing one of their own women because she was either driving a car or was having sex with men or opposed to being raped all in the name of Allah or Mohummad. If this is the peace that musilims are talking about they can keep it . But please keep it to yourselves. Dont come running to America because its hard to live over in the middle east , dont come to america because you want it easier here and dont try to instill your religous views and Sharia Law here that would only make it as hard as the country that you left to begin with.
    And on a lighter note when these guys thatare burning an American flag , where are all these American flags coming from ? Does somebody steal the thing or is there a store with a stockpile of American flags sitting around ?!?! You dont see americans burning the flags of other nations . Just some food for thought
    Daniel A. Roberts

    • We agree. The people that claim to be Muslim and yet participate in acts of violence know nothing about being a Muslim and a good person.

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