Fear and Mistrust of Muslims and Islam is Widespread

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Dear Group,

Below is a response that I wrote after receiving a message from a Christian minister I thought I knew after sending  him an email to join Pakistanis for Peace on Facebook.  I don’t have his original message but he stated that Muslims are instructed by the Quran to “kill the infidels”, called Mohammad (pbuh) a “blood warrior”, said the Islam was a violent religion and Jesus is the one true Lord.

It was nice to see an email from you but I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the message.  This group is not a “Muslim” group.  Yes it is for Pakistan and yes the majority of Pakistanis are Muslim, however, the focus of this group is to promote peace in a region of the world where there is little.  These people simply want their home to be peaceful so they can send their children to school or go to the market without being blown to pieces!!  I would support a group that was promoting this in any region of the world regardless of the religion of its people or the politics of their government.  I would join Japanese for Peace, Finns for Peace, Mexicans for Peace, etc.  When the message is for peace, why would anyone NOT support the cause?

I too have read parts of the Quran along with commentary regarding it.  I own more than one copy in order to get more than one perspective.  I’ve also read material on the Sunna and the Hadiths (most people outside of Islam don’t even know what those are).  I’ve been to more than one mosque in the Orlando area and have been to countless lectures regarding Islam and the Middle East.  (I graduated with minors in Religion AND the Middle Eastern studies.)  The reason I selected those topics was because I want to educate myself in order to educate others about the misconceptions of the Middle East and of the Muslims worldwide.  You are not the first person to say these things and I’m sure you will not be the last. 

Yes there are things in the Quran that are violent but there are peaceful things as well.  The Muslim mission is not to kill all of the infidels.  All of the suicide bombers we hear about are all going to hell according to the laws of their own religion!!  Suicide in Islam is haram, or sinful.  The acts of these extremists are killing innocent people AND other Muslims so they will punished on the Day of Judgment (yes Islam has this too).  Also, Muslims are required to respect Jews and Christians because they are people of the book.  Did you know that Jesus is mentioned in the Quran more than their own prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)?  Most people don’t know that that.  Most people don’t even know that Jesus is part of Islam. 

As far as Mohammed (pbuh) is concerned, yes he fought but he did for his religion….wouldn’t you?  Would you not kill or be killed for your lord and your God?  Yes there are extremists within Islam but you can find extremist in EVERY religion….even in Christianity.  The Crusades were for the sake of God.  Convert or be killed and many were killed.  Many people don’t know that in the Ottoman Empire, which was Islamic, some leaders were not concerned with people converting to Islam.  Why?  If the people were not Muslim, they would pay a higher tax.  The Empire receives more money and the citizen worship however the please.  Does that not seem like a much more reasonable solution rather then murdering those who don’t worship as you do?  Let’s not forget, Hitler was a Christian.  Some KKK groups are Christians too and if you’re a Jew, black, Latino, Arab, gay, etc, they want you dead.  That’s not very Christian like but I would never condemn all Christians based on the behavior of a few extremists. 

The issue these days a simple lack of knowledge.  We listen to what we hear on the News and take it as gospel.  This is very dangerous.  Watch this video and you’ll understand were I’m coming from.

This should have NEVER happened! I have no underlining motive here do to the fact I do not practice Christianity OR Islam.  I just have a message of peace.  I encourage you to take another look at the religion with more of an open mind.  If you would like, I can give you the name and number of an Imam in the area that can answer questions for you and give you an endless amount of material and resources to investigate on your own.   Also, seeing that you are a religious leader within your own community, I ask that you support and promote peace as much as possible.  Peace should not be a luxury, enjoyed by only a few.  Everyone has the right to live peaceful regardless of where they live, what they look like, what language they speak or who (or what) they worship. 

Written by Pakistanis for Peace Facebook group member Alicia for www.PakistanisforPeace.com

Alicia Koutsoulieris

President of Amnesty International at the University of Central Florida


  1. Before you comments on a religion, you must first understand its true teaching. Islam does not condoned in violence. Islam mean Peace. Read more about Islam at http://www.bestofislam.com.

    Those whos consider Islam as a violence Religion does not understand about Islam and are picking a verse of the Quran out of Context.

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