With the Death of Teddy Kennedy, Is this the end of Camelot?

Boston, Massachusetts- Senator Sir Edward “Teddy” M Kennedy of the famed Kennedy clan of Massachusetts died late Tuesday night on August 25, 2009 after a brief battle with a cancerous tumor in his brain. Senator Kennedy was 77 years old and the third longest serving senator in US history at the time of his death having been elected to the US Senate nine consecutive terms.

Aside from being the younger brother of assassinated President John F. Kennedy and Senator and Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Teddy was a larger than life figure who ended up carrying the mantle of the family name for nearly 50 years in the US Senate and became a standard bearer of the Democratic Party. Teddy Kennedy is viewed as one of the most accomplished senators in US history having authored or co-authored many important bills and laws in Congress including landmark laws concerning immigration, cancer research, health insurance, apartheid, disability discrimination, AIDS care, civil rights, mental health benefits, children’s health insurance, education and volunteering.

A masterful negotiator, Senator Kennedy was known as a lawmaker who consistently went across the party lines and reached out to gain compromise with his counterparts in the Republican Party on numerous bills in order to gain consensus and hammer out agreements to pass legislation.

There was a time right after the assassination of his brother Robert Kennedy 40 years ago, when it appeared that Teddy Kennedy would become President someday by right of succession due to his family’s history and the brand mystique behind the Kennedy name. Teddy would never reach the White House as he was politically damaged due to the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident which resulted in the death of his automobile passenger Mary Jo Kopechne. Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of the accident and not reporting it for over 12 hours, an incident that severely hampered his chances to ever by President of the United States, according to historians.

Despite not becoming a President, Senator Kennedy went on to become one of the most accomplished Senators in US history. He had a hand in everything from the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, COBRA health benefits that allow for the portability of health insurance, Medicare and FMLA Acts, and many other important legislation over the years. Throughout his career in the Senate, the major lifelong dream of Teddy Kennedy was to enact universal health care for all Americans. Many people believe that with his death, the stalled overhaul of the US healthcare system and the debate over Obama’s healthcare initiative will get a boost just as the Civil Acts Rights did after the death of JFK who had championed its passage.

Teddy Kennedy was known as the Lion of the Senate. The staunch liberal Democrat who was proud of that label and was for decades the de facto head of the Democratic party and all its ideals. As a member of the rich and powerful Kennedy clan, he cared more about the plight of the common man than many lawmakers of less distinguished and privileged backgrounds. With his death, the Senate has lost an elder statesman, a shrewd negotiator, and successful policymaker. But America has also lost the last link to the great generation of the Kennedy family that was John F and Robert F Kennedy’s legacy and the mystique of the Camelot Clan of the US. Teddy has added an important and distinguished chapter to that legacy. The policies of JFK, RFK and Teddy Kennedy resemble the basic values of the Democratic Party. It is fitting that a historian recently remarked that the next generation of the Kennedy family is a guy named Obama.

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Reported by Manzer Munir for http://www.PakistanisforPeace.com

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