Four Pakistani Soldiers Feared Kidnapped by the Taliban


Swat Valley, Pakistan- Four Pakistani soldiers were kidnapped by unknown person in Pakistan’s restive SWAT valley over the weekend it was reported by private broadcaster, GeoTv.

The four soldiers were members of a paramilitary unit stationed in the Swat valley of the North West Frontier Western Province (NWFP). No group has claimed responsibility, however there are concerns by the authorities that the local Taliban are most likely to be responsible for the incident.

The Swat region is one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of the country and has historically been a very popular tourist destination for millions of Pakistanis each year as well as a small number of foreign tourists. However since 2007, the area has become off limits to tourism as the Pakistan army has been been involved in battles with the Taliban who have regrouped inside the valley and have been successful in fighting the army to a standstill.

Earlier this winter the government of Pakistan signed a peace deal with the Taliban allowing for a ceasefire and giving into demands of the militant extremists in the valley to institute Shariah law in the region. The Shariah laws the Taliban now have gotten the government to allow in many parts of the NWFP province allows for punishment according to the Koranic laws rather than civilian and criminal laws of Pakistan. Sharia law refers to the Islamic system of law and the totality of the Islamic way of life.

An example of Shariah law is the allowance of getting revenge by an injured plaintiff to exact revenge-physical eye for a physical eye, and a tooth for a tooth. It allows for a thief to be punished by cutting off their hand. It allows for adulterers to be stoned to death by a mob as another example of what is allowed under Shariah law. Very often women’s rights are curtailed under Shariah law as two women’s testimony in an Islamic court is equal to that of one man and women are severely restricted in their movement, education, employment and political rights.

We at Pakistanis for Peace and moderate Pakistanis throughout Pakistan and around the world were astonished earlier this year when the government agreed to the Taliban’s demands and allowed a peace agreement and for the institution of Shariah law in the Swat valley. It was a very foolish and irresponsible action on the part of the Pakistani government that agreeing to the Taliban’s demands would buy the region peace and stability. Since the peace pact was announced in February 2009, the Taliban have continued to operate freely in the valley are have been harassing the local population into their brand of medieval governance of the region. In fact, the deal gave them legitimacy in the area and instead of getting peace, the Pakistan army is now being bullied and pushed around by a group of what amounts to nothing else but bearded thugs with guns with an extreme ideology.

And now news comes from the Swat valley that four Pakistani soldiers have been brazenly kidnapped and taken hostage by the same people whom with the government supposedly has a peace deal. When will the ineffective and weak government of Asif Ali Zardari wake up and realize that the cancer that is the Taliban is spreading like an unchecked tumor and is in danger of taking over the whole body? The government needs to break this truce with the Taliban and stop yoyoing between fighting and making deals with the tem and instead have a united and unrelenting strategy to flush out and end this menace once and for all before it destroys what is left of Pakistan.

Reported by Manzer Munir for

    • Ch Azeem
    • June 7th, 2010

    we pakistani like peace and we are brave peoples and we cannote affraid anyone we will afraid from allaha

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