Acid Attacks on School Girls by the Taliban


A 19-year-old and her 16-year-old sister were attacked by two men with
acid in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The assailants wanted to deter the girls
from attending school. These were not the only attacks carried out that
November day of 2008. Several other students and teachers were attacked
on their way to the Meir Weis Mena School in Kandahar, the third-largest
city in Afghanistan. Families were frightened and the children did not
go to school for many weeks after the attacks.

In Kandahar, the Taliban had set up their headquarters and it was also
home for the Taliban leader Mullah Omar. The Taliban were in power for
five years during which time they forbade girls to attend schools. If
they tried to go to school they were beaten. Their parents and family
members were harassed or even killed for allowing the girls to attend

Since the Taliban fell in 2001, the government of Afghanistan has made
an effort to educate boys as well as girls. According to the government
figures, 2 out of the 6 million children attending schools are girls.

The President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai and the President
of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari met to diffuse the tensions and agreed to
bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice. Afghanistan and
Pakistan both have radical groups who are against the education of
girls. Pakistan cooperated fully and in a brotherly fashion to the issue at hand. In the past each has accused the other of doing such crimes but this meeting proved to be different.

As for Shamsia, revenge would be getting an education. “Why wouldn’t I
want to come to school? I want our
country to persevere. I have to do something for my country, I must go
to school.”

This story brings to light the injustices in many countries that still
occurs in the name of religion and culture but they are nothing but
oppression. Islam has given women and men equal rights and education
empowers each to attain a better future for themselves and their future
generations. Islamic education as well as school education are
extremely important since each play a vital role in an individual’s
life. Due to the lack of education on both fronts, radical groups
ensnare and entrap their victims and use them to commit atrocious crimes
as above and worse. Education must be made as common as food and water
for all the people of the world so that hatred, poverty and terrorism
can be brought to an end.

Most of the 1300 girls of the Meir Weis Mena School, including all if the wounded ones in the attack two months ago have refused to be intimidated and cowed by the Taliban and are back in class studying and defying the demands of a group of ignorant men with guns and filled with hate. It is a testament to the world that their desire to defy their oppressors is greater than the Taliban’s desire of supression of basic human rights.

Pakistanis for Peace believes that the horrific attacks against girls by Taliban and other militants must end. The education of both boys and girls is necessary for a society to advance. Islamic teachings are very supportive of education and seeking of knowledge. Nowhere in the Koran does it specifically forbid educating girls and the use of religious rhetoric by the Taliban and its supporters seeks to confuse the public into believing that teaching girls is not Islamic.

Reported by M. Lameesa Ali and Manzer Munir for

    • January 27th, 2009

    350 grls schools in swat area in pakistan…..threatening teachers, and families who send their girls to school…..
    A tv channel , GEO showed an interview of a Talaban sympathizing CLEREK saying that Girls should be allowed to go to school, until the primary level… and the UNNECCESSARY education beyond that level should be AVOIDED by the society……..
    These people cant see beyond… where would female patients go without female doctors and nurses… COME TO MALES AND??? wouldnt that be “whatever”….
    a widow with children … no education….no jobs…. marry a ** year old and??????
    BUT the problem is that these crazy guys have some support in the public….. who at times are crazier enough to see them as SAVIOURS.. cause they lash out on the THEIVES and BEAT up the BAD GUYS ( which is true at times,) the the only reason they can do so.. is THE CORRUPTION AND IN COMPETENCE OF THE GOVERNMENTS OF THEIR AREAS… they can gather public supports of their judicail system cus…. THE GOVT JUDICARY has beCOME more complicated ,expensive and corrupt…
    The law enforcing agencies are indeed corrupt, untrained and are hated by the public they are suppose to serve…..
    Untill the goverments estabilishes trust , and become effective in the eyes of the people.. CRAZY DUDES like them shall enjoy some support , and may continue what ever “they think” is right.. and once you have em in …. you just cant throw em out…. A VIOLENT minority shall rule the majority..
    we need 2 get rid of them fast cuz….I have a true example….
    IN Suadi arabia.. there has been no polio for a long time.. last year 08., a case was reported in makkah…. this caused a great panic…. it was discovered that the kid was pakistani , of the tribal areas , where taliaban enjoys support… HIs parents were asked about the vaccination… and they replied….IN OUR AREA THE MULLAZ DONT ALLOW VACCINATION …. CUS SOME OF THEM SAY IT HAS INGRIENTS FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM.(I DONT KNOW WHERE THEY GOT THAT.)…and SOME SAY VACCINATION IS ALTOGETHER FORBIDDEN….BECAUSE DISEASE IS A TEST OF GOD…. AND TO RUN AWAY FROM THE TEST OF GOD IS UNISLAMIC……..
    these guys must go …. cause they have caused islam more damage than any one else…..they give the otherz a chance to mud sling at islam . and specialy when ,what the mud slingers say is true!!!!!

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